Fabric trends for 2020

Fabric trends for 2020

All the trends depend on which one you want to follow and which one enters your budget to remodel your house or closet. In many fashion agencies for interiors or clothing, they follow the artistic trends, or for the season of the year, it all depends on the target audience you want to attract.

If you have a reduced budget but want to follow the trend in interior decoration, we invite you to join us in each trend that we will analyze next. In this article, we will talk about fabric trends for 2020 and how to use your furniture and ornaments.

Wild Flowers

As its name says, wildflowers in all the decoration of the living room, and you can also use it in the room if you want to make it a lifestyle. This new combination consists of applying many dark flowers to convey the drama but using brightly coloured flowers so as not to overdo it with the message of decoration.

The fabric can be polyester or cotton, and the design can be in Jacquard or a refined and realistic floral print. If you buy this type of fabric for decoration, you can also use it as a tablecloth, decoration, or curtains for small windows depending on the amount of material.

Mellow Yellow

It is about using soft tones that can be combined with a light yellow, pale ocher, and white. Thanks to this combination, the atmosphere of any home is perfect for a time of meditation. To achieve that decoration, you only need a little paint for the walls, soft yellow waterproof synthetic fabric with simple patterned designs, cushions, and subtle ornaments with soft curves.


It is one of the best trends for fabrics because it is easy to get for all types of materials and is a decoration that does not need much preparation or shopping. This trend emerged years ago, remains active in 2020, and is characterized by the design of some zigzag lines. Any fabric can be used, but it must have a curved design and can be used to upholster cushions, furniture, or have sheets with this style.


As we said before, trends depend on fashion agencies, the type of fashion, the concept of the trend, and the country where you live. We will now talk about the four seasons of the year, which are the best colours for decoration and what kind of fabrics are perfect to combine with the environment:


In spring, it is common to use ornaments, fabrics with floral prints, and floral wallpapers. Remember not to overload the house with flowers, because it can cause discomfort just by seeing many flowers everywhere. If you have vases, floral wallpaper, and flowered cushions, we recommend using light fabrics to highlight the flowers and give lighting to the home.


The lighting for this season is faint, but do not forget always to use light curtains and walls to highlight the dark colours of the ornaments. For this summer, you can be using the fashion of recycling, and make an excellent decoration with restored chips. The fabrics can have textures and designs in Jacquard to give living spaces without decoration.


The perfect colour for decoration and fabrics for autumn is ocher, sand, grey, and white. In this season you can play with the typical decorations of your country, and make your home a comforting and warm place. Do not be afraid to play with colours because, with rugs and blankets from wool, you can combine them as you want, but remember that in this season, the lighting is dim.


Blue Navy is the trend that you can use for winter. You can play with shadows, dark colours, and simple decorations, but with profound meaning like the Blue Navy. The bottom walls should be blue so that light and soft fabrics such as polyester or cotton can make a light contrast. Remember that you need a comfortable space for winter, and the living room is the best place.

Live every trend with Levantex

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