Textile trends for 2020: Take note!

Textile trends for 2020: Take note!

Each season has a different trend in colors, clothes, and decorations for the home. It will depend on the country, the weather, the color of the plants, and the designers that mark the style that will be used throughout the year.

So, take note! Because if you buy the fabrics with the colors that will be a trend throughout the year, you can design fashionable clothes to take advantage of it.  But if you are a wholesale textile seller, this may interest you twice to generate more sales and contracts with designers.

To continue, we will talk about textile trends 2020 in colors, patterned fabrics, and the type of them that will be fashionable for decorating homes and clothes.

Trends in colors for 2020

Color is the most important thing to be popular because when we talk about fabrics and textiles, its trends are based on the type of fabric and its appearances. Now, we will have two sections, one for home design and another for clothes fabrics.

House Trends

A group of color professionals called Color Community is dedicated to predicting the colors that will be a trend in a specific year. They talked about some styles to always have a fashionable home, which are:

·         New Addreses: It uses green, brown, and orange tones.

·         Sun-Risa: They recommend to use bright and light colors, such as pink, yellow, and fuchsia.

·         Team-Set: This style is more alike to grays and black tones. Also, it has poor lighting, and it can be a little bit minimalist.

·         Falling up: The style has soft and warm tones like beige, including, the white to make you feel the comfort of a home.

·         Me, Anymore: It has desert tones. Some textiles can have jacquard and can give comfort just by being there.

Clothes trend

 The color and style of the clothing changes due to each season of the year, or for some important event that is about to happen. Most designers use colors according to the vegetation, climate, and environment that people will find in their country. The main styles are:

·         Spring-Summer: At this time of the year, floral, square, and jacquard fabrics are used. The perfect colors for this season are blue, green, white, and all the light colors to escape from the heat.

·         Autumn-Winter: In this second period of the year, you can already see a thicker fabric and dark colors to conserve the warm. The colors that will predominate this year are navy blue, black, gray, white, earth, and cherry colors.

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Patterned fabrics for 2020

Printed fabrics also have their time to be a fashion trend. By 2020, Milano Unica made suggestions of colors, fabrics with textures, and perfect combinations. The proposals were:

·         Cous Cous Rap: In this style, the extra red predominates, the garments have a lot of texture, and it is very necessary to use fabrics with jacquard designs to stand out to the rest. The perfect colors for this type of clothing are olive green, red, turquoise, and morocco blue.

·         Bon Bon Jazz: It is very difficult to get a single color to this style, but the blue and white colors are perfect for it, including the bronze and pastel pink.

·         Funky Tabbouleh: The recommended colors for this style are violet, orange, silver, and metallic colors. The damask and brocade jacquard can not be missing in any of its designs.

What type of fabric will be a trend in 2020?

The textile trends 2020 will depend on the country where you live, but it is not necessary to follow the trends of others when you can make your own, and Levantex can offer you the best fabrics according to your taste of fashion. However, the fabrics most used by interior designers, and fashion designers are:

·         Cotton

·         Wool

·         Silk

·         Linen

·         Trench coat

·         Tulle

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