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Levantex - Stripes and checks

Stripes and checks

The proximity to the Mediterranean Sea inspire us to work with designs, designs that unite colors and shapes to define check and stripes collections matching the last trends.

Our customers have at their whole disposal a large number of collections that fuse colors and textures. An informal atmosphere for any kind of environment that radiates vitality.

Levantex - Jacquard


The jacquard fabric means elegance, temporality, design and quality. The perfect affinity between different types of threads contribute to create our collection where a diverse assortment of qualities is present. Different compositions, weights, textures and designs will provide a special touch to your space.

Levantex - Plain


Achieving simplicity is not easy. A plain fabric can seem simple, but adds a harmony to the decoration that is, without any doubt, a “sine qua non” condition when creating combinations with other designs and patterned fabrics.

In Levantex we have available a wide variety of plain fabrics with different types of textile ligaments and textures.

Levantex - ECO Fabrics

ECO Fabrics

In Levantex we are committed to keep the planet healthy. We collaborate with SEAQUAL, an initiative that contributes to keep our oceans clean, giving an extra value to the residues collected from the sea.

Levantex - Levantex


Levantex is a leader company at the upholstery and fabric field with a large experience throughout the years.

We combine our knowledge together with our young and professional team and we add our strong future perspectives. Our customers value our strong efforts and know how, two qualities that strongly represent us.

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