What is a jacquard print?

What is a jacquard print?

At some point in life, we ​​have seen Jacquard fabrics in the decoration of the curtains of a house, in clothes or ties, but we did not know that they existed or that they had that name. Next, we will talk about what is Jacquard print, its features, types, and what are the fashionable Jacquard fabrics in 2020.

The jacquard print is a type of fabric that has woven drawings on it, which have quite complicated designs. The fabric designs make the decoration more sophisticated and luxurious. It is normal to confuse the Jacquard style with the print or the embroidery, but this material is different because all the details and designs are made in the same fabric that is used as a base.

 To make this fabric, we have to use a machine called Jacquard Loom. This tool worked using punched cards by moving the warp threads to weave the patterns that will belong to the fabric. Currently, electronic machines are used to increase the speed of this technique but retaining the beauty of this type of fabric.

What fabrics are recommended for Jacquard?

It is true that Jacquard can be made in almost all fabrics, but it is not suggested because it can risk the integrity of the fabric. That is why the materials recommended making Jacquard without any problem are:

·         Cotton

·         Silk

·         Wool

·         Linen

·         Synthetic fabric

·         Polyester

Characteristics, types and uses of Jacquard fabric

The world of Jacquard fabric is quite wide because it has many uses for decoration and clothing; there are different types of fabrics for all occasions, and each one has several characteristics that make them different. We will explain in detail everything you need to know about Jacquard fabric.

Fabric Features

Each textile has its own characteristics, from the softness of the materials to the resistance to dust and weather. But all Jacquard fabrics share certain characteristics in common such as:

·         Versatility: It can be used for any type of home decoration. For example, you can use it as a detail in ties, scarves, or sweaters. Also, you can give details to sheets or things in a room.

·         Resistance: The fabric withstands strong wrinkles, dust, and is not damaged over time.

·         Decorative: It is a type of fabric that facilitates decoration in any house.

·         Be very careful: It is always necessary to keep it clean and give it the care it needs to preserve it over the years.

·         Relief: Jacquard fabrics have a relief where you can feel the figures made to beautify and give better details.

Jacquard fabric types

This type of fabric has a world of varieties to choose from, some of them are made for clothes, and others are made to decorate a house or dining room. The main types are:

· Tapestry: It is a type of fabric that imitates the old decorations of the houses, which has soft colors and comfortable figures for the eyes.

· Damascus: It is a cotton or silk fabric, which is soft and slightly transparent. Its main feature is that its material is a single color.

· Brocatel: It is a type of fabric that has relief and is quite tight.

· Matelassé: It is a wool, cotton or silk fabric, which has floral designs and a comfortable and padded appearance

· Brocade: It is a fabric that sometimes contains metallic threads, and has a large number of reliefs.

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Jacquard fabric uses

From the beginning, we have said that Jacquard fabric is quite elegant, comfortable, and with small details that make a good difference. Many uses can be given, but the main ones are:

· Clothing: Many apparel items have this type of fabric, such as jackets, flannels, sweaters, scarves, etc.

· Carpets: It can be used on carpets to match the upholstery of the armchairs or the old upholstery.

· Room decoration: Jacquard fabric can be used for shower curtains, window curtains, armchairs, tablecloths, and some other household items that have cloth.

· Decoration for sheets: Many hotels use this type of fabric for quilts, cloths, sheets, and carpets.

Trends in Jacquard for 2020

The jacquard print has always been in fashion at any time of the year. But, we must have in mind that when Christmas is approaching, there is an increase in the sales of ornaments and clothes with Jacquard print with some Christmas symbol. Also, in summer, there is a time when it is preferred to use the Jacquard style with light fabrics and embroidered flowers with a Matalassé style.

If we talk about interior decoration, it is also used in armchairs for three people, Christmas ornaments, and luxury curtains. The tapestry will be a trend for its vintage style. Besides, it combines with any type of house decoration or living room. Do you want to discover the jacquard collection of Levantex?

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