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How to attract more customers to your furniture store

How to attract more customers to your furniture store

Home is not just four walls and a roof to cover your head, in fact, it is much more than that. It is a place where you create memories, share intimate moments with your loved ones and enjoy a sense of security and peace. Many people also believe a house to be reflective of the personality of people who are living inside it. Hence the people residing in a house make the best efforts to decorate it and present it as a place that talks of comfort and happiness. 

One way by which your place tells your secrets is through the kind of furniture that it has. So, it could be understood as to why the customers get so choosy when it comes to buying furniture. As a seller, you need to take these bonds into account if you wish to perform well in the market. Now if you are asking yourself as to how to attract more customers to your stores then you have come to the right place. Here, we have some tips that might prove helpful in your endeavor. So let’s begin!

How to attract more customers to your stores

Build yourself a properly operating website

Nowadays as the wholesale upholstery distributor of a furniture store, it is considered a good idea to have both an online and an offline presence as it increases your reach to customers. So if you do not already have a functioning website for your store then build one promptly. Also make sure that your website runs smoothly, is glitch-free and loads data speedily. Because if you do not test your website regularly and say it has some glitches or it takes a lot of time to load a page then your customers are not going to feel flattered and they will probably start checking out another website.

Provide information

Be sure to provide all the relevant information regarding the furniture on your website. Talk about the measurements, color, material, expected life of the furniture item, the prices, etc. and be honest with the details provided. Make sure that your website has the best quality pictures of the said furniture and displays shots of it clicked from various angles. If you are wondering how to attract more customers by this practice then to answer your query the theory here at work is that the more your customer feels informed, the more grows his confidence in your product, and more is his inclination to make a purchase.

Employ friendly faces

At your offline store be sure to employ friendly faces. Recruit salespeople who can potentially charm customers and are honest but sweet talkers. Also, make sure that these people can retain information about the product and answer the queries of customers within seconds. A good salesman can be the key to your success. In order to keep your employees encouraged, you can also use practices like the employee of the month and reward the best performing employee with a fair incentive.

Contact details

Be sure to provide your customers with these options on your website:

  1. A contact number that is displayed on your homepage as prominently as possible.
  2. An email id, where they can mail you and expect a prompt reply.
  3. A chat feature, so that they can message to get answers quickly.

But what do contact details have to do with how to attract more customers? Well, it is because these contact details will build the trust of your customers in you. Let’s see it this way, consider yourself a customer and making a purchase online. Now would you feel inclined to buy something from a website that has no contact details? Wouldn’t you consider it a fraud? See the point?

Also having contact details will help your customers contact you if they need an answer to any queries. This again helps in building trust between both parties.

Use SEO techniques

If your website is not doing well on the SEO ranking then the chances of your success get reduced. This is because when people are looking to buy furniture, chances are they won’t even see your presence.  So you need to figure out and learn how to attract more customers using SEO friendly content. Now if you are not a tech guy and do not know much about these things then you can look for companies who can do it for you. You can find plenty of them so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Have a gorgeous window display made for your offline store

If you have your store in an area where the foot traffic is high then in that case having a beautiful window display can do wonders for you. How to attract more customers through it you ask? Well, this is because your window displays work as traps for the passerby. It attracts potential customers and lures them into checking out your shop. And if the customers enticed by window displays do enter your shop then it increases the chances of an impulse purchase.

Partner with small businesses that operate in your area

Partnering with small scale businesses in your area can help wholesale upholstery distributors. You can enter into partnerships with local brands that operate in different sections but are related to your field. Like for example for your furniture store, you can maybe enter into a partnership with a real estate company or a business that provides moving services. Maybe they can pass on your names to their customers and thus can prove helpful.

So these are some tricks that might answer your query as to how to attract more customers to your furniture store. All the best!

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