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What social media platforms are best for interiors design

What social media platforms are best for interiors design

The 21st century has been the era of science and technology. Where on one hand this technology has made it possible for humans to walk on the moon, on the other hand, it has blessed us with the boon of social media. Now, social media can be arguably called the most powerful tool of the century. It has made it possible for humans to stay connected across the globe and has also allowed us to reach millions of people in a matter of mere seconds.

Many businesses in recent decades have realized what this power can achieve and hence have honed this power of social media platforms in order to serve their needs. The industry of interior designing is also not far behind and has learned to tap into this powerful resource to serve its purposes. 

Social media for online retailers in the interior designing industry can do wonders. It can demolish the need for the retailers to be physically connected to the people and hence can increase the reach of these retailers and help them find potential customers from all over the world. This would also mean fewer investments and more profits. Now after all that has been said, it does not mean that using these platforms in a way so as to promote your business is an easy task. Because it isn’t. Using social media in order to meet your goals requires extensive research, a good understanding of people and market and a need to stay updated at all times. So here are some tips as to how you can leverage social media platforms to promote your business.

· Define a purpose

Now the first and foremost step involves the retailers to think about defining their goals. Social media for online retailers present a multitude of options amongst which they have to choose one or two and then spend all their energy and resources in order to pursue them. These purposes might involve short term goals like establishing an identity or increasing awareness about the brand’s presence for starters or long term goals like finding new leads or providing a platform to the audience in order to engage with them. Whatever goals you decide, prepare your future strategies accordingly and you will be all set in no time.

· Choose your platforms

Social media for online retailers presents a multitude of possibilities. Now what you need to do as an interior designing marketer is to choose your platforms very wisely. There are many options available out there like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  but registering your presence at all these platforms will not be a smart move because then you will be stretched too thin and you will need to post a lot of new content which might become a problem. So decide on one or two platforms as primary. You can base your decision here upon considering a number of factors like your target audience demographics like their age, gender, income, etc. and your goal.  

“Decide the channels in which you will be present considering the demographic data of your target”

You can go for Facebook as it has over 1 billion users so your reach has expanded very wide. The exciting part about having a Facebook page is that through it you can also share 360 degrees panorama.

Choosing Instagram is a wise decision if you are trying to target the youth audience. You can share stories, polls or use one of the many filters that this platform offers. You can also use it before and after pictures, they are always a hit!

By choosing Twitter as your platform for social media for online retailers you can make use of the appropriate hashtags so as to build brand awareness and promote your product.

Pinterest is another wise choice for social media for online retailers in the interior designing industry. You can pin your design, create boards, or use keywords in order to promote your business.

Youtube is a good another option for social media for online retailers. Here you can post small videos of places that you have decorated or share tutorials on which shades they can use to give their place a warm and welcoming vibe etc. 

· Focus on your Content 

What can social media for online retailers do depends largely upon the type of content the retailers are posting. Now since you belong from the interior designing industry so it is very important for you to provide content that is highly visual. This would definitely grab the attention of your audience. So you need to tap into your creative powers and design visual content that you think would appeal to your target audience. You can use videos, pictures or post stories of houses or offices that you have designed or post funny memes or infographic content to entice your audience.

· Engage with your customers

Engaging with the audience is the key to establishing a trustworthy relationship between online retailers and customers. Show them some care and love. Reply to their comments or queries, repost some of your content that is popular, and offer them small tips like maybe the contact details of a wholesale textile distributor that you believe they can use. 

· Find influencers

There is a limit as to what social media for online retailers can do in terms of brand awareness. Researches show that when influencers promote you then the chances of your business being considered as credible are 70% higher as compared to when it's only you who are promoting your product. So find some influencers, develop strong relations, and then encourage them to share your content by doing vice-a-versa. 

These are some of the tips for social media for online retailers that can definitely help you in reaching new heights.

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