Looking for cushions reupholstery. Discover the collection!

Looking for cushions reupholstery. Discover the collection!

Each season of the year has a trend color that is consistent with the climate that defines it, as well as some print or design that is fashionable in a decoration style, such as vintage, retro, classic, Nordic, elegant, among others.

Christmas is the season of offers and in which most people look for the accessories they want to renovate the home every beginning of the year. Among those accessories, the upholstery fabric stands out because the furniture and cushions are part of the space that gives life to the house; the best family and friends gatherings occur in the living room. The monotony is usually seen in that space of the house, and a solution is the cushions reupholstery to vary the environment a little bit.

Reuse everything in the home and not throw it away, is the advice we give to everyone because we assure you that you can take advantage of many benefits of each of those objects that complement the look of the different spaces.

Buying new pillows is more expensive than reupholstering existing ones. It is why we will talk to you about how to do it and why to do it. Also, we will give you the best fabrics to carry out this renovation and that you can get in your retail stores.

Transmit vibes with your decoration

When a home is renewed, it seeks to transmit good vibes through emotion, or energy such as joy, prosperity, tranquility, and luck. It can be accomplished with the correct implementation of the colors:

·         Happiness and luck: Orange and yellow.

·         Prosperity and wealth: According to Chinese beliefs, combining black, red, and gold brings good fortune, in addition to yellow.

·         Luxury and elegance: Wine, purple, and black.

·         Tranquility and stability: Blue, white, green, and pastel tones. 

If customers are not to believe in energies and prefer fashion, decorating according to the seasons, the following information is for them. Pantone announced this year the colors that are going to rule this 2020: 

·         Spring and summer: The bold and energetic colors will be fashionable, such as light red, orange, sky blue, fuchsia, lead-gray, king blue, pale yellow, dark brown, warm red, and classics like beige, a bluish-black color, milky white and a light gray.

·         Autumn and winter: There is not a single style, now you can use warm and cold tones, such as cream, light pink almost turning into pastel, fuchsia, a rose reaching orange, peach, several shades of red, orange, yellow, brown, green, blue, purple and gray. 

Tips for reupholstering cushions 

If you have never reupholstered the cushions of your house, we will give you some tips for you to do it and make you live the experience of change. We hope the tips help you to do it as many times as you want to touch up your home. 

·         Preserve: The cushions and furniture are the protagonists of the living room; proper care would keep them as new.

·         Collect: Do not throw away the old cushions. It is better to remove the old cloth and put a new one. Great expenses are saved.

·         Look for options: The variety of colors, designs, and prints can be found in companies like Levantex, a wholesale cushions textile that always thinks about what customers in your stores need.

·         Find experts: Do not give your cushions to anyone, get an expert to do an impeccable job upholstery.

·         Clean: From time to time, vacuuming the fabric of your cushions or washing the fabric with the proper care it requires is necessary to extend its shelf life and preserve it.

·         Care: Try not to touch the furniture and cushions of the house with dirty hands to avoid severe stains and, thus, remain clean longer.

Better fabrics and prints for cushions 

·         Rustic fabrics: The advantage of fabrics with this feature is that stains go unnoticed

·         Plain fabrics: They are soft and comfortable to the touch, but once you stain the cushion, you should wash it, or you will notice the disaster.

·         Synthetic fabrics: To remove stains is very simple. You can even remove the upholstery liner and put it in the washing machine.

·         Natural fabrics: This fabric breathes very easily, and its texture is quite soft. Cleaning should only be done dry and is a type of material perfect for summer and winter.

·         Printed fabrics: Figures, dots, and stripes never go out of style; it is a matter of taste. It is the most requested fabric for its personality. Its type of material is the one that can highlight an elegant, daring, or casual style.

Levantex Cushion Collections

Levantex, with more than 20 years of experience in the textile world, is renewed every year to provide the most excellent variety of fabrics and several designs to decorate homes. It stands out to be a wholesale textile cushions, and these 2019-2020 fabrics offered for upholstery are:

Plain fabrics: Among all the options, the canvas is the most used for its softness.

·         Rústico

·         Canvas

·         Lonacam

·         Kaiser

Rustic fabrics: Rodas fabric is widely used for household curtains to combine with the cushions of a sofa.

·         Rodas

·         Tardor

·         Turia

Square and striped fabrics: These designs highlight the personality of people. His designs give an authentic touch to the style of the house.

·         Cabal

·         Cabal Mini

·         Cerdeña

·         Scottish Collection

Jacquard fabrics:

·         Estora

·         Mesto

·         Melody

·         Geo

·         Black & White

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