8 tips to Achieve a Scandinavian Style in Your Home

8 tips to Achieve a Scandinavian Style in Your Home

The first thing that comes to most of our minds when we hear Scandinavian style is the Viking ways. I mean, they were one of the most fearless and fearsome nations that have ever lived, but the Vikings were not just notoriously infamous for their raids. On the other side of the coin, they were famous for their lifestyle and their room decoration style.
But what exactly is the nordic style? No, it doesn’t require fancy Viking war armours or massive steel artefacts, nordic or Scandinavian style is simply a neat, clean, compact and organized way of arranging your room decor. This style got famous in the ’60s and has been quite popular because of its neatness and simplicity. The Swedish term ‘lagom’ is used to describe such style, which means “just right”. Yes, Scandinavian style insists your room decor should be not much, not less- just right.

The design generally emphasizes on open spaces that ensure enough sunlight but not a lot of heat. It makes your room provide fresh air to breathe, not too congested or too cluttered. Nordic design is neat and properly organized, so it leaves no chance of your stuff getting all cluttered. The use of bright and sophisticated colour is another addition to this fascinating style since bold colours sometimes don’t go well with certain rooms. Levantex can provide you with the products you need in this regard. To know more about the Scandinavian style, you need to go through the following tips.

Declutter first, then minimize

The problem with most of our room decor styles is that we bring in too much stuff, and then end up not finding the proper places to put them, in the process making a cluttered mess. With the nordic style, you have to declutter, organize and then start minimizing. Is not necessary to go all ultra-minimized, all you have to do is to balance out the too-much with opposite quality items. And then you can begin maximizing or minimizing accordingly.

Always put simplicity and quality over fancy outlook

Don’t go all ‘but I like fancy things!’ already, you surely can add one or two ornate furniture in your room, but the nordic style is all about craftsmanship, durability, and quality. The furniture in your room should have a modern look, at the same time they should be simple with the high-end build. You don’t have to sacrifice your fancy style sense, but maybe be a bit careful about that.

Give nature the respect it deserves

Scandinavian areas were quite rich in nature from the very beginning, so they respect and admire the natural items to a great extent. A nordic design should contain house plants and similar natural elements. You can start by incorporating light wood, natural Scandinavian textiles and fabric. Using sustainable and eco-friendly elements is another good idea. You can carve or buy nature-related sculptures too if you prefer to.

Ensure a balance of natural and industrial elements

While it’s true that the nordic style is nature-friendly, industrial materials are not discarded either. Rather, it creates a unique fusion that is visually interesting and comfortable. Natural elements like wood, stone, fur bring about comfort whilst the metal and glass bring integrity and sharpness in the decor. 

So if the Scandinavian upholstery fabric is natural, you might as well consider a glass object to balance out and make the room more exquisite. ‘Hygee’ is the term to use here, which means comfort and coziness. The balance between these elements ensures perfect comfort for you and your family.

Incorporate a neutral colour scheme

Let’s be honest about this, Vikings never really lived a very fancy and artificial life. Their lifestyle was raw, natural and colourful in their ways. So bold colours are a no-go when it comes to nordic style fabric or Scandinavian curtains. It’s pretty simple to incorporate, to be honest, just imitate the colour of nature!

Go for the colours of wood, stone, and earth- natural, simple and neutral. A room with grey, white or wooden colours with a splash of black or blue can't get more aesthetic than this!

Apply contrast to ensure a minimalistic yet attractive view

Contrasting doesn’t just mean colours from different shades or opposite shades, contrast can be of everything from Scandinavian curtain fabric to Scandinavian style sofas. You can contrast anything if you know the aesthetics behind it. It doesn’t even have to be a thing, you can even contrast concepts! The shape, the size, the nordic texture, everything can be of contrast. Old and new pieces, neutral and flashy colour, straight and wavy designs, you can have contrasts like these but do make sure to do it delicately.

Organize your frames in a customized cluster way

A very common aspect of Scandinavian style decor is the frames hanging on the wall in an organized and clustered way. So instead of the usual style where you randomly put your frames all over the wall, you can always create a cluster on a specific side of the wall and put your frames together. The best bit about this is, you can easily customize the shape, size, and style of this cluster. 

Hanging and string lights for more aesthetics

Nordic style decors can seem a bit too cold at times, with neutral colours and minimalistic design, so to add some warmth to the room, you can hang string lights or hanging lights. The lights add more to the aesthetics and can make you feel warm and comfortable.

So these were a few tips before you start working on redecorating your room in a Scandinavian style. At Levantex, we look forward to helping you with our top-class products. We hope these tips and tricks have been useful to you!

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