Discover with Levantex the latest trends at Home Textil Madrid

Discover with Levantex the latest trends at Home Textil Madrid

Every year many fairs, events, and meetings are held all across the globe in order to bring together various known and unknown faces from the textile and fabric world together. At such events meets and greets are held so as to provide the new and promising startups a chance to learn more about the latest trends and discoveries and to better understand its functioning.

These meet and greets also provide the already established companies an opportunity to stay updated about the latest fabric trends so as to see and predict a future for the fabric industry. It is thus advisable to attend such fairs and/or events by anyone who has or is going to have in future any links with the industry.

One such significant event in relation to the textile industry that is soon going to be held is the Homes Textile Premium fair in Spain, Madrid. We will discuss more about this event in the upcoming section.

What do you understand by Home Textiles Premium Madrid?

Home Textiles Premium Madrid is the one and only event which is organized in Spain that is 100% related to the home textiles sector. This event offers you a chance to peek a glimpse at the Universe of trends, patterns, and textures. Here you can know about the fabric trends, current textile and fabric industry situation, and new market developments and analyze such information to use it for your own benefit while planning your strategies for the next year. This event promises you a unique experience to witness the sensation, experience, and innovation coming together to better cognize the unexplored world of textiles.   

The Home Textiles Premium, an international Textile Home Fair will starts from the 11th of September and will end after three days of activities on the 13th of September. This year that is  2019 will mark its fifth edition at Madrid “La Caja Magica”. Here you will find publishers and manufacturers mingling with each other and presenting their latest designs, innovations, and trends for interior decoration for both the traditional segments like office, hotels and residential places or catering.

The Homes Textiles Madrid could also be seen as an exclusive event for some particular brands in branches of textiles, fabrics and home textiles which is held annually. In the year 2017, some 1823 visitors attended this event while it had some 71 participants some amongst whom belonged to foreign nations. These figures can probably give you a vague idea about the popularity of this international textile home fair.

Also, the registrations for this event will work on a pre-registration system and thus people who are seeking to attend it should make pre-arrangements.

Why you should be attending this event?

  • It is recommended to attend Home Textiles Premium Madrid because then you will get a chance to learn from the experts who belong to the fabric industry.
  • Home Textiles Premium Madrid will provide you an opportunity to mingle with people like retailers, wholesalers, and designers who deal in the residential or catering world. You can also utilize this opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with different brands and even enter into partnerships that you believe can mutually benefit both organizations.  
  • You can utilize this international fair as a chance to even expand your trade overseas if you feel like you are ready.
  • Because the Home Textiles Premium Madrid provides an opportunity for the big textile firms to unite with professionals like interior designers, decorators, upholstered furniture manufacturers, importers, etc. and stores of the highest levels. 

Levantex and the home textiles Madrid

Levantex this year will also be participating in the home textiles Madrid. Here we will be presenting our products that are promising when it comes to the quality fronts, are designed so as to reciprocate to the priorities of the customers, and are also uncompromising on trends and following the latest patterns. Our products promise comfort and luxury. And another plus point is that they are available at average costs.

We at Levantex also understand out responsibilities and commitments to nature and hence we have decided to do fabrics at home textiles which are eco-friendly and will return to nature without causing any harm to the natural habitat. And thus we will fulfill our part in taking care of mother nature. 

For the event we have also expanded our collection in jacquard fabrics as well as in plain fabrics which we will present in different textures and compositions. We are sure that you will find them pleasing. We have also worked on improving our linens and have recovered the designs in frames with different coordinates. We have paid special attention to the present and upcoming trends to bring to you products that you will find trendy and vibrant. We have manufactured all our products while keeping in mind upholstery, hospitality, and home decor in general.

So, if you are interested in the fabrics and textile then you should definitely be visiting Levantex at Home Textiles Premium Madrid. 

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