Levantex: upholstery fabric for furniture wholesale

Levantex: upholstery fabric for furniture wholesale

Every year there is a new fashion, which tells us that we must change furniture because of the fabric that covers it, the color, and other things that are no longer fashionable. But if it is upholstered, you can keep them and make them look like a new one.

Furniture is the soul of a house. If they look bad, the house will look bad. That is why we will talk about furniture upholster. It is important to know the most durable fabric and the possible trends of 2020.

What is a furniture upholstery?

The upholstery is when a fabric, spring, or stuffed cover is placed on a piece of furniture, and a craftsman or a bulldozer is the charge to do it.

What is the most durable fabric for upholstered furniture?

There are many types of durable fabrics for upholstering furniture, and its preservation will only depend on the type of use you give to the fabric. It is also necessary to constantly take care of it, and maintain its upholstery, because, without proper attention, it may be damaged earlier than expected. The most durables are:

· Leather: It is the most durable upholstery, and is the most popular in the market for its appearance.

· Polyester: It has very good quality when the fabric is completely polyester. If so, it will not deteriorate quickly.

· Cotton: If the cotton is very thick, the upholstery will be durable, but it can be easily stained.

· Wool: This type of fabric is also of good quality, but if you combine it with synthetic fabric, it will increase its durability.

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How to clean an upholstered furniture?

The client can take an upholstery of the best quality and with the best furniture, but if you do not take care of the furniture upholstery, it will not matter the best quality you receive because it will be damaged within a few months.

We will give you tips to clean and take care of it, and the different types of fabric it has. The best way to maintain a furniture upholstery is:

· Leather: Dust and dirt should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth, and then apply special leather moisturizers. It will prevent cracking.

· Polyester : All dust and crumbs must be removed with a vacuum cleaner, and then the company must ask the cleaning code, because it may be cleaned:

· Dry.

· With a cleaner.

· Cotton: This furniture is the dirtiest, so you have to clean them with a vacuum cleaner. If it has a stain, it can be cleaned with water and detergent.

· Wool: Basically, it is the same procedure as before.

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Levantex, textile solutions and upholstery fabric

Levantex is a company that has more than 20 years in the textile market, offering the best upholstery fabrics, at a fair price. One of its objectives is to find a way to satisfy the customer with the fabrics they want. The best textile and upholstery fabric solutions they offer are:

Levantex upholstery collections

· Canvas: It is a fabric that withstands a lot of heat and is very comfortable to the touch.

· Ucubi: It is a fabric upholstery that is not flammable like the others.

· Tino: It is a bit smoother than the canvas, but it resists abrasion better.

Upholstery fabrics furniture trends for 2020

Although Levantex does not handle 100% information on trends in home decoration and interior design, they are able to make elegant and timeless upholstery. The trending fabrics to upholster furniture is:

· Velvet: This year, bronze and earth colors will be used.

· Leather: The typical black color that represents this upholstery will return.

· Cotton: The tone will be clear for this type of upholstery. The color white, sky blue, and cyan are perfect.

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