Geo Collection for All Your Upholstery

Geo Collection for All Your Upholstery

Designs are all a part of our aesthetic sense, and geometric designs are aesthetically very attractive. Which is why we’ve turned to the grand old geometry for simple yet stunning designs. We try to incorporate the chevron shape and symmetry, alongside other geometrical outlines that are designed by some of the finest designers in the business, Geo collection designers. 

Our Geo collection has a wide range of table cloths, cushions, bed-spreads with good antipilling levels that would make your upholsteries look better and artistic. They come with an influx of colours and shades so that you can pick your colour easily. The sharp designs add to the significant colour codes. 

Key-Features of Geo Collection

The shape catches the eyes, and the unique geometric designs are truly a work of art. Made of 100% polyester, it comes with a lot of different colour shades.

The Geo collection also provides you with fabrics of different width, starting from 140 cm to 320 cm. The anti-pilling level is B and it has +25.000 cycles, Martindale. The collection consists of very polyvalent fabric that can be used for cushions, table-cloths, bed-spreads, and upholstery.

Why Should You Go for Geo Collection?

The fabric and quality are top-notch, as usual. What sets Geo collection apart is the bright colouring that gives light to spaces. The design consists of simple geometric shapes, but when you combine them, you can see really beautiful and complex patterns. This idea has been appreciated for ages. Geo collection admires and recreates the classic geometric patterns. Our designs come with bright shades and contrasting colours, initially creating a fabulous display of contemporary style.

Trends for Geometric Designs in 2020

Even though geometric shapes are a classic hit when it comes to designing, there are no clear-cut trends for a specific pattern. The shapes are all beautifully crafted, and they’re something to stare at. But if you’re talking geometrical design trends, then we’ll have to disappoint you, there aren’t any.

We can go around and say whatever the Geo collection brings turns out to be trends, but we’re not telling you that. You can see and verify for yourself!

Types of Clients Who Usually Goes for Geo Collection

Geo collection is for everyone. Anyone can use it to light up their house and add a bit of aesthetics to their place. If we’re talking about companies and organizations, we’ve sold fabric to them as well. Be it chain stores or hotel clients, Geo collection is everywhere. The scintillating design will be noticed in the upholsteries of well-known hotels, that’s for sure.

The reason people go around buying Geo Collection is the uniqueness and the variety it provides. A place that gives you from table-cloth, cushions, bed-spreads, to upholsteries, what can stop you from shopping there, right? Just have a look and dive into the ocean of diverse geometrically shaped products. It can be assured that you won’t be disappointed. Contact us and ask for the Geo Collection!

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