Winter upholstery trends for Christmas

Winter upholstery trends for Christmas

Every year there is an increase in home decoration sales, not only because Christmas is approaching, but families want to start the new year with a beautiful home. The curtains, the furniture, and the tablecloths are the first thing they replace to highlight the home.

We will talk about upholstery trends for Christmas, and how to take advantage of this season to sell fashionable upholstery.

Trends in winter decoration

The winter decorations are very friendly and comfortable because it is the coldest season of the year, and the union of the family brings a warmness at home that can not be compared to anything. This time the winter upholstery trends for Christmas are to use blues, grays, and earth tones to provide a great atmosphere for any room.

People can buy new furniture and decoration, or they can remake the upholstery to all the furniture they have to take advantage of them and not contaminate the environment. The second option is the most economical, and the best to design the decoration to suit you.

In winter there are many decoration styles, the most outstanding are:

·         Industrial

·         Natural

·         Scandinavian

·         Nordic

·         Copper

·         Vintage

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Ideas for Christmas decoration

Every year you must combine winter and Christmas decorations to have harmony between the objects and the colors of the new furniture upholstery. The ornaments have to suit perfectly with the style of the space; for example, a tree with vintage jingle bells must match with an old or minimalist decoration style in the space.

The best Christmas decoration ideas for your home are:

·         Upholstering the furniture: The cost of new furniture is indeed quite expensive, that is why we recommend you to upholster the ones you have at home with another fabric to make them look different. For example, a winter upholstery on December may look great.

·         Make new curtains: The curtains in jacquard offered by Levantex is the best option to remodel your home. It will make a difference just by placing them.

·         Use lights on the ceiling: If the upholstery is dark, use white lights on the ceiling, they will highlight the new winter decoration.

·         Tablecloths and centerpieces: The most prominent part of a Christmas decoration is the dining room. In Levantex, you can request jacquard fabric with Christmas designs to accompany the ornaments on the table.

Trends in upholstery, tablecloths and cushions for Christmas

In the winter season, Christmas will be always be a trend. In those days, people use typical colors like green, white and red; snowmen, Christmas trees, and much more decorations.

Here is the perfect opportunity for stores to increase their sales in current, which are:

·         Use red curtains with Christmas details.

·         Place snowman-themed cushions.

·         Put tablecloths with stars, snowmen, and Christmas trees.

·         Use padded Christmas dolls on the couch.

The upholstery businesses are the most benefited if they have a jacquard fabric with Christmas themes because it has thousands of applications to decorate a house in those days. That happens because December is a month with high demands in purchases.

Discover the Christmas collection of Levantex. If you want to know more information, contact us.

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