5 Tips to Choose the Best Upholstery Fabric for Sofas

5 Tips to Choose the Best Upholstery Fabric for Sofas

Truth be told, most of the people who wish to change their upholstery fabric for sofas go for the colour only. Very few check the durability and quality, but that’s not all. The problem is, there are several other factors in upholstery fabrics that simply cannot go unnoticed. Hence, we decided to point out a few criterions you need to keep in mind before you go out to buy upholstery fabric for your office. We have five tips for you from Levantex.


While colour may remain the primary concern in upholstery fabric shopping, in real life it’s the durability that matters the most. But before going after the super durable one, you need to understand your preferences. 

If your upholstery fabric is used daily, pets and kids share it with you, then leather or microfiber fabrics are better. If you don’t have that burden but want a durable one, then you can settle for the woven ones. For fancy, irregular usage, printed fabric works just fine.


Colour entirely depends on a human being’s art sense and aesthetics. We are nobody to judge or command on that, but we can suggest a few tips about colours.
All you have to do is to know and do the basics. For a smaller room, you should not go for bold colours. If you have kids and pets, having a delicate colour can be a disaster. Also, trendy colours may seem obsolete after the trend ends. So what should you do? A safe bid for you would be the deep, neutral colours that fit in and go with almost all decors.

Design and Style

Your room or office workplace decor depends on how critically you measure even the smallest of details. Upholstery fabrics for sofas do play a big part in this, so the design has to be decent and relevant to the place. 

It’s quite simple, though. If the fabric has large pattern designs, it would be more suitable with larger rooms and vice versa. There are formal classical styles and then there are the casual ones, so choose carefully according to the decor.

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Harmony and Balance

The sofa fabric should match the style of your sofa, the making, and the design. If you have a traditional-style sofa then a simple and plain fabric would be a more suitable fit. However, if you are an adventurous human being and prefer something different, you can make a fusion of tradition and modern designs. We can’t assure you of a successful result, however!

Special Considerations

We can specify some more points to notice before you go for the upholstery fabric. The first one is the mildew resistance. If you live in a humid country, then humidity can dampen the fabric, so this needs to be checked. Also, some people are allergic to microfiber or leather, you need to take that into account as well. Finally, you should learn if the upholstery fabric for your sofa is fade-resistant or not.

Look closely into the pattern and design of the fabric while choosing your upholstery fabric. The texture, pattern, and colour of the fabric should match your house. In Levantex we can surely help you to find the best upholstery fabric you need for your sofas. 


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