Using tablecloths as overlays: Discover it!

Using tablecloths as overlays: Discover it!

The tables are the familiar focus of a home. Therefore, it is one of the first objects that we protect with a tablecloth according to the characteristics of the environment. The decoration that we give to our tables is something personal that depends on our tastes, the style that we have in our home, or the style that we want in an event. It can be a minimalist, loaded, elegant, or classic style.

This dress varies by season or special events. For example, the tablecloth that is placed on a table at a wedding will not be the same as the tablecloth you put on a birthday because something that characterizes people is that they always decorate according to the celebration and the theme.

Thinking of an excellent tablecloth for the home will also determine the environment and the design of the kitchen utensils because at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they will be used, and they are expected to look good with the selected tablecloth design.

However, it is fashionable to use tablecloths as overlays. The difference between them is not very diverse; everything is in size. Tablecloths are a longer fabric compared to the overlays that are usually put on the long fabric and reach almost half of it.

Its principal function is the elegance that it offers as it happens in fancy restaurants. You can see it on significant events, such as weddings, 15 years, 16 years in the case of the United States, Christmas dinners of big companies, and the celebration of the opening of a business.

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Best tablecloths fabrics to using like overlays

The restaurants, event organizers, and people at home are using tablecloths as overlays because they are fashionable and have long durability. It also protects the table from possible damage and stains that the fabric can absorb. The most outstanding are:

· Cotton: This fabric can absorb any disaster that may occur on the table; it is resistant to constant washing, is soft, and conveys elegance. Event organizers use this fabric a lot as a tablecloth and put a thin transparent synthetic material as an overlay while complementary objects such as napkins are also made of cotton. 

· Linen: It is a vegetable fiber that gives it a table-style texture. When looking for a vintage type, an earth overlay on a white tablecloth is very attractive, and to provide a vibrant touch, use red, fuchsia, blue, or yellow flowers to highlight the center of the table. 

· Cotton with polyester: It is the most used in restaurants because it does not wear out with washing and is reusable compared to other more delicate fabrics.

Featured Levantex fabrics for tablecloth overlays 

Levantex thinks about people's tastes, the quality of their products, and the environment. The fabrics are a reusable material, and its resistance is evident thanks to the combination of cotton and polyester that give it more shelf life. Also, the company offers you 100% polyester fabrics that are known as a material resistant to moisture and strong chemicals. The collections that stand out in the company are white and raw; among them, we can find: 

· The jacquard collection: The fabrics are made of 100% polyester with small tablecloth designs. This fabric is light and resists wrinkles. It is perfect for placing it on the table as little placemats where you can put the dishes or to create a table path if you don't like to overload the spaces. Discover our 100% Pes. Hopama collection

· Urso Quality Collection: It consists of a combination of two fabrics of excellent quality, such as cotton and polyester. No matter how many times you wash this overlay, it will still look just like the first time you saw it. It’s a quality of Levantex and we have it in 100% Pes. and 50% Pes. and 50% Co. The home is the most crucial space of a family because it is where their daily life develops, and if your home looks great, you will feel great. The fabric will give a fresh and modern touch to your table if you drop it on the tablecloth. 

· Plain fabric collection: This 100% polyester fabric has different weights. That is, it has different values ​​of grams per square meter that determines the weight of the material. It is widely used for significant events. If you are looking for a luxury or sophisticated design in your home, this fabric is essential to put it as an overlay. Trenca and Casa are two of our outstanding collections

Best colors to match 

If you are looking for freshness and modern style, vibrant colors are essential:

  • Orange with green
  • Yellow with green
  • Blue with white
  • White with yellow

If your intention is more sophisticated, you may match:

  • Purple with gold
  • Wine with earth colors
  • Black with white
  • Silver with black
  • Red with gold

If the style is more minimalist:

  • White with cream
  • White with some pastel tone
  • White with another shade derived from white 

The best way to highlight the overlay on a table is to make sure that the tablecloth has a unicolor or neutral tone. It must also be soft as cotton or be flat loom. In this way, the designs that the overlay possesses will take center stage. However, there are no limitations to combine colors and designs. If someone sees it well, he will feel good. We assure you that the table will be the center of attention of your customers with our fabrics and that they will enjoy their family gatherings.

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