The best 5 tips to sell tablecloth fabrics

The best 5 tips to sell tablecloth fabrics

The tablecloth fabric is the presentation of any dining room, house, kitchen, and it is the most complicated fabric to choose because there is a perfect design for every occasion, season, or that combines with the house decoration. We will give you the best five tips to sell tablecloth fabrics so that your customers always have the best material for the occasion.

1. Show the best fabrics for tablecloths

If customers can take hours looking for the best clothes, here they can take days to choose tablecloth fabrics. Try to show them the best stock you have because you need to generate a sale and meet the needs of the customer. The essential point is "always show the fabrics that can satisfy the customer's need." Levantex always has the best tablecloth fabrics for its customers, such as:

·         The collection of Hopama Quality has 320cm wide and made with polyester. It has small designs in Jacquard. This fabric is tested to be able for doing special washes and with high temperatures obtaining a good response. 

·         Urso Quality with 280 cm wide is the collection made with Cotton-Polyester.

·         The fabrics series of Casa, Mesa, Trenca, and Sagatum of 320 cm wide each are made with polyester. These collections are plain fabrics with different weights for each client.

2. Emphasize the tablecloth style

It is one of the deciding factors to choose a specific type of tablecloth, so it is essential to know the tablecloth style that the client wants. Many times customers choose an inappropriate style for an occasion because they get carried away by their feelings; that is why you always have to emphasize the tablecloth style. To select a tablecloth style according to the client's needs, we need to know:

-          Where will be used.

-          Will it be at day or night?

-          Decoration: The color of the walls, chandeliers, house style, and any characteristic of the place.

-          For what type of celebration: such as children's parties, weddings, 15 years, or is only for domestic use.

-          The season of the year it is: many people take into account the decoration trends by season, so it is good to be on the same page with the client.

3. Present the essential characteristics of the fabric

All tablecloths have different characteristics because there are thousands of styles, sizes, and materials to manufacture them. Many times customers choose a tablecloth for the style, colors, and designs, but they do not take into account the elements or its origin. It is essential that you present the main characteristics of the tablecloths, which are:

·         Types of tissue: there are flat fabrics, knitted fabrics, fiber agglutination.

·         Versatility of the tablecloth: you can request tablecloths that are reversible, and the customer can use it on both sides.

·         Origin of the fabric: the material of the tissues can change by the country of origin, so you must indicate where it comes.

·         Fabric style: Levantex has a variety of jacquard fabrics, plain, with simple textures and designs.

·         Fabric material: it can be silk, satin, brocades, damask, crepe, and thousands of types of fabrics. But beware, the cost can be up to triple for a single tablecloth.

4. Ask the dimensions

If a tablecloth has the wrong dimensions, the decoration can be adversely affected by this mistake. The sizes are related to the style, celebration, and size of the tables where will be used because it is not the same to make a tablecloth for a family table of 1.50 meters and use it in a party table of almost 5 meters long. To know what type of tablecloth fabric is ideal, we will need the following information:

·         Table material: It can be glass, wood, metal.

·         Table length.

·         Table width.

·         How much tablecloth do you want to stand out.

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5. What does the customer need the tablecloth for?

The previous tips depend on this last tip because we will not be able to answer any customer request if we do not know what the reason is asking for the tablecloth fabric. We will talk a little about the designs, colors, and materials that we recommend for tablecloths:

·         Hotel: we recommend polyester fabrics with a weight of 220 gr / m2 up to 270 gr / m2, and light colors to make it comfortable to use.

·         Domestic use: The fabric for domestic use depends on the client, and the best one is the stain-resistant fabric to make it much more how to wash it. They can order designs in jacquard, or with plain with some decorative texture.

·         Weddings: Everything will depend on the type of marriage and the place where it will be. Generally, in the night's golden colors are used, in the days outdoors bright and intense colors, and ivory or bone color when it is a gala table. The fabric can be Silk.

Extra tip: Listen to the customer

As five tips are not enough, we decided to make a PD to explain that it is essential to listen to the client. When the clients express their expectations and their requirements, we must take notes and listen to everything they say, because their satisfaction depends on this.

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