Looking for fabric tablecloth for Christmas. Discover our products!

Looking for fabric tablecloth for Christmas. Discover our products!

When we talk about bringing the Christmas atmosphere to life in a home, decorations with fabric are essential to provide that warmth that only this December offers us. Levantex, as one of the leading companies in the textile sector, brings a wide variety of quality designs and reasonable prices to provide to the small businesses those options that families will surely love to have in their homes.

Retailers can not leave behind the sale of Christmas fabric tablecloth because it is a tradition to decorate our homes with them. They give life to the house with their different themes that refer to Christmas time.

 Fabric designs for Christmas tablecloths

The tablecloths are an important resource to complete the look of a home, and the best thing is that you can change it every month as if it were clothes to diversify the design of it and get out of the monotony. Also, that same fabric serves to use it as a curtain and combine each of the spaces that conform to your house.

In December is when we usually seek to renew the environment, put things in fashion to bring much joy with the designs that give life to this month, and to feel fresh and modern. The most wanted fabric designs at Christmas are:

  • Stars
  • Santa Claus Images
  • Easter flowers
  • Snowflakes
  • Christmas trees

And about the materials most used, there are:

  • Cotton
  • Plastic
  • Linen

Our company brings a diversity of fabrics and designs that do not fail for the niche, and that they will want to have. It is not about having the most sought after by everyone, but about what is fashionable. People are usually looking for something that differentiates them from the rest. It includes their inspirations and tastes.

Best Levantex Christmas Collections

We are a fabric wholesaler that is always thinking about the best for the client.  We guide our collections according to the fashion that rules every year. We bring you a special collection of fabric to decorate the tables, couches, among other things. When the night of December 24 is approaching, it is inevitable to think about the table at dinner time, and the first thing people do is to dress it depending on the colors of their homes or the colors they used to decorate their Christmas night. Among the Christmas fabric tablecloth we have for you and your store, there are:

  • Warp: This fabric is formed by sewing two series of threads perpendicularly. The threads that go vertically or longitudinally are called "urdimbre", while the horizontal or transverse, weft.
  • Jacquard: It is a type of fabric that has a design woven into the same fabric. These jacquard designs can be geometric, flowered, or abstract.
  • Lurex thread: It is a yarn made of seminatural fibers and metallic polyester.

And the designs we have are: 

  • Checkered fabric
  • Small plaid fabric
  • Jacquard fabric with deers
  • Jacquard fabric with Christmas balls
  • Jacquard fabric with elves
  • Jacquard fabric with stars
  • Jacquard fabric with Christmas trees
  • Jacquard fabric with snowflakes
  • Striped design with lurex thread

Advantages of buying from fabric wholesalers 

The wholesaler has two outstanding functions, among them, buying the product directly from the manufacturer in large quantities to reduce the price. Finally, they sell it to a third party who is known as a “retailer”. The wholesaler never sells the product to the target niche. The advantage you get from them is: 

· Diversity: You have a wide range of options to choose from according to the tastes of your customers. You can find new things that may like and be a success in your market. Sometimes new and different is what sells the most, and wholesalers are the first to have it.

· Reasonable prices: You get products with low costs and good quality. Even by selling them in your small store, you will be recovering more than what you invested.

Levantex, known as a fabrics wholesalers, took advantage of the evolution and the intense competition that exists and has created a website to be closer to those who prefer the use of the internet and social networks, as well as to receive feedback and suggestions to create a better business alliance.

Decoration Ideas

There are many things you can do with a Christmas fabric tablecloth on these cheerful dates. It is not only about covering your table; you can also combine it with other spaces in your home, such as:

· Table paths: Some people enjoy a minimalist style, and this idea is one of the most used options on rectangular and elongated tables to place the bouquet of flowers on it and a candle path.

· Sofa paths: When the color of the furniture is unicolor, people like to put a cloth path with Christmas motifs on the backrest to highlight the Christmas atmosphere.

· Base on your Christmas tree: Trimming a Christmas fabric tablecloth in a circular shape to place it under the tree is a perfect idea to put gifts on it.

· Curtains: The "extra" style is also in fashion. Some people love to recharge the environment and who consider that more is better, so making curtains with bright lurex threads would be an excellent option.

· Sofa pillows: Christmas motifs or sparkles on pillows to bring Christmas to life never goes out of style; they are one of those things that are always placed in December to make it notice.

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