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10 Key points from Levantex advisors to manage your store

10 Key points from Levantex advisors to manage your store

Having a store may seem like an easy task, how you need to serve customers with a smile, always have products on the shelves, and it is all; but this is not reality because this is what you see on the outside. 

If you want to manage a store correctly, there are some techniques and strategies that have very different approaches, specialized for specific aspects of any store. It is the reason why we will talk about ten integral key points to manage a complete store:

How to manage your own store easily.

If we investigate a little about all the concepts that are related to managing a store, we will not know where to start. Managing a store is delicate, because this may be the reason for the success or failure of a store, so we have placed the ten key points to start managing your store correctly today:

1. Position your brand.

Positioning a brand consists of being in a good position in the market, differentiating yourself from all competitors, making more people know your brand, and always be in the mind of the target audience There are several strategies to position a brand, but the best one is the differentiation strategy, and it consists in having an attribute that makes a brand different from the others, such as:

·         Have the best quality

·         Have the lowest prices

·         Offer an exclusive service Customize

·         Customize the product

·         Offer the best attention to the buyer.

·         (There are many more)

But to position a brand, you have to do a Marketing study, market study, feasibility studies, and determine who the target audience is. The tool you can use to get an idea of ​​who your target audience is is the 4 Ps of marketing that are:

1)  Product: What are you selling?

2)  Price: At what price are you selling it?

3)  Placement: Where do you want to sell it?

4)  Promotion: How to promote what you are selling?

2. Highlight your competitive advantage

If we already know that competitive advantages are essential to position any brand and store, we must enhance these advantages and let the entire target audience know that your store is the right one to do their shopping. These are the advantages that your store can have:

·         Do Direct marketing to know the target audience, and know what their feedback is.

·         Offer more variety of products that the target audience may need

·         Always know how to help the customer with their requirements when his buying.

·         Accept many  payment forms

·         The store always makes promotions thinking about the customer

3. Attract your customers

Maybe this is the hardest part of serving a store because there is a market in which you are competing, and there are thousands of other stores trying to attract customers. If you already have your audience target, your competitive advantages, and desire to generate new customers, you can complement your strategies as follows:

·         You can do direct marketing to know the opinion, needs, and tendencies of your target audience.

·         Improve the decoration and environment of the store to make it more pleasant.

·         Make exclusive promotions for customers of your store.

·         Always attend with a smile to all customers who pass through your store.

·         If you have an e-commerce, you can hire online advertising campaigns at ad Exchanges.

4. Set realistic business goals

Every organization must have a realistic mission, vision, and objectives because many stores have failed to set high goals in a short time. You can modify all purposes over time, and it is not necessary that you want the store with more sales in the world in just two days. We suggest you meet short-term objectives, and you will see how the store will grow step by step.

5. Perform inventory control

There are university careers that base more than half of their preparation on inventories, inventory control, and inventory updating. In other words, the management in the store inventory is vital. If there is an uncontrolled or unordered inventory, the store will feel the symptoms of this, so we recommend creating a precise inventory control to offer the best service.

6. Manage your sales and prices especially.

It is recommended to have the sales history from the beginning, to be able to analyze it and see the growth of the store and do the annual demand studies. It is also important to control sales always to know what products are in the inventory without to review the inventory.

The prices are essential for the management of a store, because it is good always to be updated with the real cost of the products in the inventory, create promotions to stimulate the economy, and know the revenues that you can receive at the end of the month.

7. Manage the incidents

An incident is an event that causes injuries in a worker, equipment, and work material in an organization; handle these situations is vital for a store. We always recommend making decisions that benefit employees and the store, because if an incident is not handled well, this can cause the store closure.

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8. Use an online manager

E-commerce and traditional stores can use online managers to facilitate the work of running a store, having all sales records, sales history, and many more variables. If you have a small store, these programs are ideal for all the essential tasks.

9. Know your company and your client

From the beginning, we talked about knowing the target audience, knowing the competitive advantages of the store, and how to enhance these advantages; Because if you do not know your store or your customers, you can not aspire to meet the monthly goals. If you got here and you do not know any of these two things, we recommend you start investigating them right now.

10. Listen to your customers

The phrase "the customer is always right" exists because the customer has the power to buy a product, generate sales, and give excellent references. We recommend you listen to the customer's feedback because all stores depend on the target audience and their opinions.

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