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The role of Social Media developing textile shops and brands

The role of Social Media developing textile shops and brands

When we talk about the role of social networks or online pages, we talk about the interest in the needs of a customer and not just sell a product or service, because through these virtual platforms we can relate to them and generate more significant commitment to the company.

We can see famous brands such as Zara, Pull & Bear, Forever 21, among others that already have an Instagram account, Facebook, and a website to contact them and buy its products. E-commerce, even if it is not a social network, is an online platform that has the benefit of a wide range of information about a brand and what it offers. It is the case of Levantex, a fabric manufacturer from Spain, which in the face of strong competition in the textile world, has created a web page to get closer to that goal niche that loves the internet and its advances, as well as to attract new potential clients. That is, those customers who are loyal to their brand and who prefer to use the latest technology.

Social Media in the textile sector

At present, companies must become familiar with social media because competition is a fact. People are saturated with so much information and products around them that recognizing a brand as the best is very difficult. People feel that companies only see them as consumers and not as people with needs. Therefore, creating a marketing strategy through social networks is a good idea to know what the client needs and what he likes.

Social networks allow you three things:

· Engage: Having direct contact with the client is very important to know their needs and meet their expectations. With virtual platforms, you are able to have a two-way conversation with your niche. It will be possible to measure if you regularly target objectives and review them to know what to improve. Besides, you should know who your goal niche is and create content according to them and their tastes. Otherwise, you will not get changes that benefit you.

· Enable: This is about preparing campaigns to promote the product and create the content. In the case of companies, an expert is needed for the management of social networks. If you do not want to hire someone externally, you will need resources to invest in training for employees or have the skill and creativity to manage the platform. The most important thing is to create alliances with other professionals or companies. That is, to obtain partners to make yourself known faster through commercial exchanges.

· Evaluate: Social networks allow you to measure engagement and traffic. These platforms give you the advantage of being able to monitor the behavior of your niche and deduce if your strategies are being successful or not. Statistics are essential to evaluate, and many tools facilitate this work, such as Google Analytics. With it, you can predict the next steps to follow in your marketing strategies.

Which social networks are better for the textile industry?

If you are looking for a social media for the textile sector, you must locate your niche. Selecting the best platform for your business will depend on the country in which you are located, the interests of your customers, or the country in which you have your niche. As a recommendation, you should survey to find out which social network is mostly used by them to search the products that interest them. Among the social networks most frequented worldwide by companies and the best options for the textile sector, there are:

1) Instagram: It is the most popular platform. In it, you can have a two-way conversation with users who follow your account, you can publish content in different formats, and you can evaluate your reach, impressions, and engagement.

2) Facebook: It is on the same Instagram level, but has a more significant number of followers because of its long trajectory.

3) LinkedIn: It is a digital tool that has a global reach and allows you to stay in touch with other professionals. It means that you can find potential customers who are interested in your products and services. Also, you can strengthen alliances with a partner you find in the media.Taking into account the above, there are the best social media to make notice your textile company. Also, it is not only about selecting the best social media for your fabric manufacturer, you should also keep in mind that customers who frequent these platforms are accustomed to dynamism. You must have a constant presence on the network that your niche uses. That is, you must make at least one publication a day, be very creative, and vary the content, being the most used the informative, entertainment, and promotional type.

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