Innovation in the design of hospitality textile industry

Innovation in the design of hospitality textile industry

The textile industry is everywhere, from home to the largest companies; you only need to search for a few minutes. The hospitality textiles are an essential part of a hotel because all the luxuries and comforts of the guests are related to products made with fabric; such as sheets, pillowcases, blankets, carpets, curtains, dining room tablecloths, cloth napkins, and much more.

Innovation in the design of hospitality textile industry plays an important role in increasing sales and rentals because recurring customers will know that it is a quality hotel and cares about its guests.

Hospitality textile design

Appearance is one of the essential things in the hospitality textile design. No hotel would like to have the same fabrics and designs as other hotels because they want their originality and personality. Levantex offers the best fabrics for:

·         Bathrooms: you can make designs with jacquard logos for cloths, foot cloth, shower curtains.

·         Rooms: this is an essential part of the textile design because guests rest here. You can make good designs for pillowcases, curtains, sheets, comforters, carpet, and anything that has fabric.

·         Dining: In the dining room, you can see the importance that the hotel gives to guests, so you can not miss the white tablecloths, cloth napkins, cup holders, tablecloths for food tables, armchairs comfortable to the touch.

Best of all, you can get fabrics for each of these places in Levantex because they work with many types of fabric, are based on customer needs, and have the best collections for the best hotels.

News in textiles for Hospitality

The world of hotels is complicated because each hotel has its appearance, interior design, structure, and desires to be better than the others. In textiles for Hospitality, white or ivory, beige or brown, ocher, and black have always predominated depending on the country, region, culture, and atmosphere of the hotel.

What we can highlight is that there is a tendency to place several textiles with decorative textures, because this positively attracts much more attention than a white curtain completely. But be careful, exaggerating with the texture can generate displeasure in many guests who are visually sensitive to these designs.

Featured Levantex collections for hospitality

Levantex is the perfect company to have the best fabric collections in the market because they are not afraid to work and the challenges that the client brings to their business table. Hotels usually ask for plain, simple and elegant fabrics, but they can make fabrics for:

·         Plaids

·         Cushions

·         Blackout curtains

·         Table paths

·         Sheets, comforters and everything for a bed

The best features of the Levantex collections is that all fabrics are easy to wash in an industrial washing machines, the curtains are flame retardant with update certificates, without neglecting elegance. In other words, Levantex is the best option for any hotel that wants the best fabrics.

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