What are the best wholesale textiles for hotels?

What are the best wholesale textiles for hotels?

The Hotel industry in recent decades has witnessed a boom. With the travel industry flourishing and the lust to explore driving people crazy, it comes as no big surprise. And with the rise of the hotel industry, the other associated sectors are also recording growth. These would be sectors like real estate, hotel textile industry, etc.

Textiles for hotels can be understood as the linens that are used in the hotel rooms. These hotel textiles play a very important role in deciding the fate of a hotel. How is that you ask? Well, imagine yourself visiting a new state and booking a hotel for the night. Now how would you feel if you just washed your face and picked up a towel to dry it but find that the material of the towel is rough? Would not you feel dissatisfied? Imagine what if the sheets in the room are uncomfortable as well. What would you do then? Will you ever book another stay in the same hotel and would you ever recommend it to any of your friends? Yeah, I thought so! So now you get it why hotel textiles should be given consideration before being chosen or else how they can successfully ruin the reputation of your place.

Now, choosing textiles for hotels can be a little difficult. Before settling on one reliable wholesaler of hotel fabrics it is a good idea to go through all of your choices. Here are some of the pointers that you can consider before deciding on a wholesaler of textiles.

  • Look for someone who believes in delivering quality for textiles for hotels. Always remember quality is above everything else.
  • Check the linens, you do not want to buy faded and stained ones in bulk. That would just disgust you’re your customers.
  • Feel the cloth. You are trying to find a wholesaler of fabric that provides linens that have a smooth and delicate touch.
  • The type of textiles is another important point that you should be concerned with.
  • The textiles for hotels should be comfortable. Comfort is the key to your customer’s heart.
  • Choose colors very wisely. Find some colors that go with the vibes of your hotel and at the same time are pleasant to your eyes. Also, do not settle on something that is too light or your linens will be needed to change frequently.
  • Be apprehensive of the price. Buy them at reasonable rates. They are linens, not jewels. But be sure to not make any compromise with quality for sake of money.
  • While deciding the best textiles for hotels also consider their longevity. You don’t want to buy linens whose life will expire after merely being used twice.
  • While choosing on the textiles for hotels try and buy ones that did not cause any harm to the environment while they were being manufactured nor will they degrade it during the process of decomposition. Each one of us has a responsibility towards the environment that needs to be fulfilled.

 Importance Of Hotel Textiles 

  • Care and quality

Hotel textiles are a way of telling your customers that you care for them and that you would not place anything, not even money above their comfort. If the textiles for a hotel at your place can communicate this message successfully to your customers then chances are that your visitors will return back to your hotel for another stay in the future.

  • Builds trust

Now if your customers feel that you care about them and you will only choose what is best for them without caring much for other factors, then this is obviously a positive sign. Textiles for hotels, by doing so can help in building trust between your hotel and the customers. Once a basic trust is built then your customers might also feel inclined to ignore one or two of your mistakes, given such mistakes are not regular and aren’t a matter of great concern.

  • Peace

Do you know that feeling, when you are sitting in a dirty room and your mind just feels like it is in the midst of a hustle?  Well if you have then you know what I am talking about. An unclean and scattered room with dented furniture and spotted linens will not let your brain relax and will affect your mood negatively. Hence it’s important to choose textiles for hotel wisely.

  • A positive review

As we have already discussed, how good textiles for hotels will help you in building a positive image for your hotel in the market. Your hotel will get positive feedback from your customers and this will help you in earning positive publicity. This good public image, in turn, will prove helpful in attracting new customers.

So what is the best choice?

Your answer is Levantex. This company located in Bocairent, in Business Park dedicated to the textile industry near Valencia is the solution to any linen related problems. They excel at manufacturing textiles for hotels and only believe in delivering the best quality. The employees and the management here work really hard to provide products that offer the perfect balance between quality and price. Levantex also offers services as per specific contracts suiting to the particular needs of the clients also.

Levantex specializes in providing linens in wholesale for hotels. They have been working in this field for a while and hence understand the needs and demands of the customers. Levantex also offers a wide variety of range of products so that one can choose exactly the colors and styles that he believes will entice his customers.  

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