Everything about outdoor fabrics

Everything about outdoor fabrics

Many people do not give enough attention to their outdoor fabrics, because they think that it is not necessary to buy or change them. There are fabrics in the bathroom, room, kitchen, living room, patio, car, office, and anywhere you can imagine. This is why it is necessary to know the types of fabrics, and outdoor fabrics is an essential one. We will talk about everything about the outdoor fabrics, types of fabric, differences between outdoor and indoor, and why you need them.

What is an outdoor fabric?

It is textile fibre fabrics designed to be outside the house, that is, it will be exposed to all the climatic conditions of the place. However, these fabrics must be continuously cared for because they may be resistant. Still, without proper care, you will have to buy new fabrics for all outdoor furniture.

Difference between indoor and outdoor fabric

Water resistance

The outdoor fabrics are to withstand any rain; most of them are waterproof or mixed with acrylic. Most indoor fabrics were made so as not to have to endure a lot of humidity and be pleasant to touch. Still, each fabric has a purpose, and not all of them can work in any situation.

Better styles

The indoor fabrics have many types of designs and quantity of material, but the outdoor fabrics have quality and many styles so that the entrance of your house never ceases to surprise any visit.

Outdoor fabric types

The most common mistake is choosing an incorrect type of outdoor fabric or buying any material without checking if it is outdoor or indoor fabric. We will mention the most used outdoor fabric types, their characteristics, and for what occasions you can use it:

●       Solution-dyed 100% acrylic: this fabric blocks the water flow, endure the sun, and the fibres are dyed before weaving. If you want to make an umbrella, awning or want to upholster a piece of furniture that will be near a pool, dyed acrylics are the best option for you.

●       Acrylic-coated polyester-cotton blends: Because the fibre of this fabric is thick, you can see the tissue of the fabric. However, it is perfect for outdoors, and we recommend that keep the materials dry and away from the sun to take care of them.

●       Acrylic-coated 100% polyester: It is a waterproof fabric because it has an acrylic coating but is not very heat resistant. It is perfect as a car cover or as a waterproof protective coating.

Outdoor fabrics indoors

It is essential to know that indoor fabrics can be damaged quickly outside, and the outdoor fabrics could be the perfect complement to any task. If you have children, pets, visitors, or there is a rainy day, you can use these fabrics to take care of the carpets and not stain the furniture. It is easier to remove the stain of an outdoor fabric than to an indoor fabric.

You can keep an expensive sofa clean, protect the carpets from rainy days, not counting all the uses you can give to this outdoor fabric. You only need imagination for all the activities you want to do.

Levantex is your best option

You know what type of outdoor fabric you need, the design you want, where you are going to use it, and when; you only need the best place to shop for textiles and this type of fabric. In Levantex, there are the best fabric options, not counting qualified personnel to answer any questions. All outdoor fabrics are waterproof, have excellent resistance to the sun and we have any colour you need, contact us and we will get it.

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