Discover the best fabrics to fight the cold winter

Discover the best fabrics to fight the cold winter

Winter is the coldest season of all, many love it for the snow, the weather, but take care not to catch a cold. If before you could use any fabric for the other seasons, in winter, you will wear clothes made with cold-resistant fabric that can keep the perfect temperature.

It is a challenge to find the best fabrics to fight the cold winter and combine it to have an outfit that everyone could want, but there is nothing to worry about because we are here to help. In this article, we will talk about the best fabrics for winter so you can create your outfit and be safe at all times.

Best fabrics to use in Winter


It is a recommended fabric for coats, hats, gloves, blankets, and maintaining body heat, but you have to be careful with direct contact with the skin for a long time because it can cause itching. If you want to wear a layered outfit, wool should be the last layer of cloth to show off the design of the coat, take care of the skin, and keep the heat longer.


Cotton is the most used fabric, but it has many uses depending on the material, colour, and designs. If you are allergic to polyester, do not worry, because clothes made with thick cotton removes the cold or keeps the heat. The only recommendation is not to wet the cloth because it is difficult to dry as it is a thick fabric.


The main feature of this fabric is that it can get wet and dry quickly; this makes it a very versatile material. It is also an excellent fabric to keep body heat, but it needs to be accompanied by another fabric to take full advantage of the temperature. Usually, the outfits that include nylon are of a few layers, and the main one that must have contact with the skin is the nylon.


It is a synthetic fabric that is made to conserve heat, prevents the passage of air, and the thicker the fabric, the easier it is to keep the warmth. If you want to sleep comfortably, sleeping bags made of polyester are the best option to always be comfortable in a cold place. You can also be fashionable with polyester clothes, but you should be careful with stains on clothes because they are not easy to remove. 


If you want to dress fashionably in more than one season of the year, leather is the fabric for you. It is common to see jackets, boots, seats, and furniture in leather or synthetic leather for people who do not agree to use real leather. It is a type of textile that is perfect for preserving high temperatures and generates heat on contact with the skin, but it has a defect that it’s a delicate material and must be cleaned and treated with care.


This fabric is standard in pants, coats, hats, and flannels because it is soft and comfortable to wear. On occasions like winter, it is a perfect companion for any outfit, because you can combine two layers of clothes with a cloth coat to prevent the cold wind from passing through the gears. You must be careful to wet this cloth because it will become too heavy to wear.


If you want a type of luxury fabric besides leather, silk is the best option for winter and has a fashionable outfit. Although it is a good wind insulator, it is not good at maintaining body heat, and it is better to complement it with some other layer of clothing such as a polyester coat, or a cotton scarf.

Best fabrics in Levantex

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