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7 tips for sell upholstery fabrics on Instagram

7 tips for sell upholstery fabrics on Instagram

The internet is the most powerful tool that human beings have to generate sales, views, and interaction with potential customers. But they are not as easy as marketing 3.0 professionals say, because they do not reveal the real tips for the Instagram business account.

Here we will give you the best tips for your upholstery business to get followers, interact with the public, generate sales, and position yourself as the best e-commerce on Instagram.

Tips for using instagram for upholstery business

Using a social network for a company can be quite confusing for anyone who is not familiar with the technology, and may not have the results that the company expects. For it, there are many courses to manage social networks of organizations, but they are very expensive, and there is no guarantee that they will work. 

If you have an Instagram account of your upholstery business, but don't get followers, likes or make sales; You may not have paid enough attention to the following tips that we will explain below:

Be creative

Here is the most important aspect of an Instagram account to succeed. Usually, when people view publications, they are searching for something fun, innovative, and informative that makes them feel comfortable with the content.

If you have to offer upholstery, and all kinds of fabrics, you can try publishing entertaining information that makes them want to see more until they buy the fabrics. Also, Instagram stories are the perfect way to give a precise message and receive feedback: You need to buy this upholstery now!

Create a winning profile

The most important thing is the first impression you generate with the public; That is why it is advisable to create a reliable, serious, legitimate, and dynamic profile. In this way, people feel secure to enter. Remember to make a profile in which people are willing to give their money to buy new upholstery. You can use:

·         The company logo

·         An ordered feed

·         Place the address

·         If it is an e-commerce, place the URL

·         Provide information about all the products

Understand your audience

Many companies have failed in the world of 3.0 marketing, for not worrying about understanding the needs and taste of their audience. The best way to meet your client is to have direct communication with them, and let them know that you will be aware of their needs. The tools to have more audience information are:

·         Surveys in stories

·         Review comments on posts and answer them

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Use hashtags

Hashtag (#) or also known as a tag, is the tool that positions contents in specific categories with its use. Usually, you have to use the "#" in keywords that have the caption of a publication, but you may not use many at the same time at the end of the caption.

As a tip, you must search for the most relevant Hashtags for the type of publication you will do because you will not want to see your post in a category that nobody reviews. All publications that have at least one Hashtag receive almost hundreds of views of people, but we recommend that:

·         Do not spam

·         Look for tags that have a good monthly search

·         Do not overload the post with Hashtags

·         Use Trend Hashtags

Know when to post

Not posting content is bad, but posting excess of it is also very bad. Uploading a lot of content can tire your audience. Also, as a consequence, you will run out of material to publish, and you may publish things out of place. That is why we recommend you to make use of Instagram stories because they disappear every 24 hours and you can reuse posts.

Collaborate and mention others

Collaborative advertising is the most effective way to get visits to your profile because you are redirecting all the traffic that a company has to it. This type of collaboration is a deal where everyone gains followers.

Analyze your success and build on it

Each week you must do a count of following and unfollows you had, see all the activities you did, and see how you can improve the management of the Instagram profile.

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