Discover Levantex business consulting service and grow your business

Discover Levantex business consulting service and grow your business

What is Levantex?

It is a textile company located in Bocairent in the province of Valencia, Spain. It is consolidated as one of the best home textile production companies and has low costs to have the best value for money.

Its market is part of the European Union, and it has customers that are not part of this continent, allowing a total expansion of its commercial frontiers.

This company has quality standards and environmental protection, to produce what the customer needs, without damaging the ecosystem. Thanks to its concern for customer needs, it has a flexible production system, and adapts to any changes in fashion, producing more than 15,000 meters of cloth daily.

Levantex: The solution to grow your business

Levantex grants its Know-How to grow your business like them. This company has 20 years competing in the fabric sector for home, decoration, upholstery, tablecloths, quilts, exteriors, and more.

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How can we help you in Levantex?

We investigate to know the market demand, offer the best solutions, and advise all buyers about the products that they should buy. If the fabrics we have do not meet your needs, we will look for ways to create new ideas to meet customer expectations.

Discover our collections

Levantex is not only positioned as one of the best textile companies in Valencia, but it has collections for all occasions, uses, and tastes. The main collection of fabrics is:


·         Canvas: It is a fabric that withstands a lot of heat and is very comfortable to the touch.

·         Ucubi: It is a fabric upholstery that is not flammable like the others.

·         Tino: It is a bit smoother than the canvas, but it resists abrasion better.


        False smooth: It is a fabric that from a distance seems to be smooth, but from near, it has some texture that makes this fabric unique.

        Natural: It is the common fabric to make curtains, cushions, and is the perfect fabric for any interior decoration.

        Jacquard: It is a type of fabric that has a design woven into the same fabric. These designs can be geometric, flowered, or abstract.


•        Scottish: It is a fabric with a pattern of Scottish paintings. Also, it is perfect to cover a dining room.

•        Table linen: It is the typical material of cloth napkins, and restaurant tablecloths.

•        Jacquard tablecloth: As the name implies, it is a basic tablecloth, but with jacquard designs to give greater elegance.

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