Choose the most original fabrics for bedspreads

Choose the most original fabrics for bedspreads

Fabric for bedspreads is a very important choice for a person who likes decoration or likes to rest with comfortable sheets. In Levantex you can choose the best covers for a bed, like the Geo, Mesto and Melody collection of jacquards, which are the most comfortable and soft fabrics you can choose.

We will talk about bed cover trends, the best types of bed cover fabrics, and what is the effect of having sheets with original designs. In other words, trends produce many sales.

Trends for bedding

When Clients choose a bedspread for their rooms, they are choosing how they are going to dress their beds. That is why it is important to know the different trends that customers would want for their bedrooms, which are:

·         Quilt: It is a bed cover made of wool, artificial fibers, and polyester.

·         Nordic covers: Known as a typical winter cover because it serves to keep warm, and to decorate an entire room with just using it as a cover.

·         Sheets: if you are not searching for comfort, a sheet with a jacquard style will be the best option for winter because it adorns the room with elegance.

·         Cushions: Unlike the pillows, the cushions are much larger and usually have the same fabric as the sheets of a bed to give harmony to the room.

The best types of fabrics for your bedspreads

If the client already knows the type of bed cover he wants, it is time to offer him the best fabrics for more comfort. Each bedspread has a specific fabric to make it, and the best ones are:

·         Polyester: This fabric is used to make quilts, nordic covers, and sometimes fill the cushions.

·         Wool: It is the best option to make nordic covers and comforters.

·         Silk: It is the fabric par excellence that works to make any type of sheet. Also, it is the best to make a design with a jacquard style on it.

·         Flannel: It is the most economical fabric for sheets, but its quality does not disappoint anyone.

·         Feathers: It use is exclusive to fill quilts and cushions.

The best colors and patterns for quilts

The most important step is to know the color and patterns that the client wants in their quilts because this is the present and decoration of an entire room. If the bedspread seller knows what the best colors are, he will have a safe sale. The best colors are:

·         Pearl

·         Earth

·         Olive green

·         Bronze

·         Pastel pink

·         Sky Blue

·         Gray

·         Navy blue

And the best designs for comforters are:

·         Floral

·         Designs with jacquard reliefs

·         Grated prints

·         Unicolor and without relief

·         With large pictures

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